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- about us -

Dan Whatley - Vocals

Nic Belcher - Guitar

Adam Christian - Bass

James Lewis - Drums

emotions are the force behind music. itís a chance to speak your mind and express however you feel, whether you are angry or happy there is almost always music to play your feelings. your emotions are what drive you as a person just as emotions drive music and vice-versa. newskin express music in different forms, from pent-up aggressive tension or emotional tranquillity and everything in between. newskin are what's classed as "screamo" which is the combination of brutal hardcore metal combined with melodic emo breaks. just listen to "choke" or "quiet reflection" to see. you can here the brutality expressing the frustration at life, which presents us with times when death is plaguing situations, which everyone must face. its one thing that everyone can relate to0. with the melodies drawing the negativity from the heaviness it brings another dimension to the music completely, playing with the positive side of your emotions. emotions are a very strong force and they are what drive people, just as music can drive your emotions thus making music a very strong force.

newskin started just over a year ago as a 3 piece including james, adam and nic. only 7 months go rik joined to form newskin as we know them today. each member feels the band has come a long way in the past year. a brief spell with a second guitarist adrian williams who left at the beginning of november 2000 has been interesting but the band have settled again, and are now preparing for 2001 in which they will spend most of performing. In January 2001 Rik left NewSkin to perform in a different style of music (funk). Very shortly after Rik departed, NewSkin auditioned Daniel as a vocalist. Things looked very promising from the start with Daniel. To mark the change as a fresh start for the band NewSkin became HedStrayne.