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- news - 09/01/2001
Quite a lot has happened now, officially Rik has departed from the band which almost brings us back to the drawing board. It is now certain that Daniel Whatley is to be the new vocalist to take over from Rik. Also to mark the new occasion we are renaming the band Hedstrayne (plus everyone seems to think 'NewSkin' is ripping Incubus off!). The new address is, the current addresses will stay active. 05/01/2001 Quite frankly we've had a terrible start to the year. The Plantation Cafe gig was cancelled because Rik was unfit to perform. Now his future with the band is in doubt. If Rik leaves there will be some changes in the band. 24/12/2000 I've setup a mailing list for anyone who wants to receive up-to-date information on NewSkin. mailing list 23/12/2000 Not much in the way of news. I've done work on the site which is looking better. Soon we shall be putting together a mailing list which should be up in a few days time or at least before the Plantation gig. Thats about it for now. 11/12/2000 New website design and layout. - gigs - 19/2/2001 Venue to be confirmed, Guildford. CANCELLED The gig should still go ahead but without us. Plantation Cafe, Guildford with Audit, Stakeout.